How Much Is A New Roof?

how much is a new roof?

How Much Is A New Roof?

One of the vital aspects of your home is the roof. You may be oblivious to the significant role that your roof plays in making your house a comfortable place to live in until you experience a leaking roof. More often than not money is spent on other aspects of the housing such as decoration and design; nonetheless, I reckon the smartest investment you can do in your home is to have a new and suitable roof installed. While having an average price for the roofing price in UK homes is not exactly practical, we note that the mean price of a new roofing in the UK is circa £4,592, particularly if the roof is tiled. A majority of rooftops in the UK are either tiled or made from slate. Further, this roofing is often raised or pitched which in turn affects the pricing of the roof.

How much is new roof and what are the contributory factors? 

When considering the roofing costs, several aspects need to be considered. These factors are contributory to the variance seen in the roofing prices. For instance, the size of the roof is a significant factor that affects the overall price. The larger the size of the roof the greater the amount of materials and person-hours needed to install it. Another factor is the pitching of the roof; typically, steeply pitched roofs take more time as opposed to a flat roof. Moreover. The amount of material also increases significantly to cover pitched roofs. how much is a new roof?

The other factor that affects the valuation of roofing is the material used. For instance, concrete roofs tend to cost less as compared to those made from slate. Additionally, it is important to account for the layering done on the roof. Where old layers of the roof have to be removed, it may take more time and subsequently cost more. Roofing materials also vary with the region. For instance, our company is renowned for being the cheapest provider of roofing materials and related services in the North West, England area. However, away from this region, this fact can no longer hold water. The last factor is the design of the house. Homes with lots of plumbing pipes and chimney are more likely to cost more as opposed to those that have fewer. Ultimately, it is essential to consider all these factors when deciding the costing of your roofing.

That being said, numerous benefits are associated with having a new roof installed. First, you may be considering to sell your house and having a new roof will add to the overall value of the property hence making it easier to sell it. Secondly, new roofs have been renowned for their high return on investment which averages between 67 and 70%. The third benefit is that a new roof contributes to cost effectiveness and energy efficiency on your HVAC system. Fourthly, new roofs prevent health threats adding to the safety of your home. Lastly, they give your house a new look as well as reduce the stress posed Mother Nature. Today, roofing technology pushes the benefits to new heights; the fact that our company has embedded in our venture to deliver quality roofing throughout the UK is a show of commitment to quality new roofing.

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